We source bakery seeds, nuts and related specialities. From the origin directly to our customers. We have the entire supply chain under control: sourcing at origin, quality and sustainability management, processing, logistics.

Our exquisite ingredients are rich in valuable ingredients that have a firm place in a healthy, balanced diet. Rich in proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, they promote health and can counteract many diseases.

All products are available in conventional or organic production. We refine our products according to the individual wishes of our customers.

Currently interesting: High quality Organic sesame from Uganda without pesticide residues and without salmonella.

A selection of our products

Bakery seeds Nuts Specialties
Poppy seeds Peanuts Roastet seeds
Pumpkin seeds Hazelnuts Concentrate
Flaxseed Almonds Oil
Sesame Pistachios Pseudo grains
Sunflower kernels Walnuts