Food safety

IFS standards are the uniform food, product and service standards that ensure that companies certified according to IFS standards produce a compliant product or provide a service in accordance with the specifications agreed with the customer and work continuously on process improvement. With the IFS Broker certification, Nungesser has implemented the GFSI standard.

BIO certificates

Our certifications for the sourcing of products from organic farming meet the high demands of customers and agriculture alike.

Sustainability & Code of Conduct

We are committed to the sustainable use of our resources so that our planet will continue to be worth living on for everyone in the future. This includes issues such as ecological responsibility and social justice. We are therefore committed to responsible production, responsible and social interaction with people and reduced environmental pollution.

Our implementation is based on global standards such as BSCI, UN Universal Human Rights and the principles of the ILO (International Labour Organisation) as well as our own comprehensive Code of Conduct.

Nungesser has its own Code of Conduct on Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection. It is our intention that all of our suppliers sign and comply with these guidelines. In addition to external audits, we also regularly check the implementation ourselves.


Nungesser is excited to have received a silver medal from Ecovadis for its commitment to sustainable procurement, labor and human rights, ethics and the environment.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance hereby confirms that Nungesser AG is licensed in the UTZ Hazelnut Program.


Nungesser AG is member of Sedex (member no. ZC404866463). Sedex has one of the world’s largest cooperation platforms for buyers, suppliers and auditors to store and exchange information quickly and easily. The platform is used by more than 50,000 members in over 150 countries to manage services in the areas of labor rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.